Will Varenicline (Chantix or Champix) Help Me Quit Smoking Marijuana?

It’s not easy to quit smoking marijuana when you’re used to it in years already. Drug addiction will never be a simple issue to deal with since willpower, time, and recovery are needed in the process. Good thing there are medical prescriptions you can use to help you stop smoking today. One of these solutions is the Varenicline pill available on the market. It’s an excellent medication to put a stop to your smoking habit in a more effective way.

What is Varenicline and How Does It Work?

In May 2006, the FDA approved Varenicline or Chantix as a safe smoking cessation drug. It is a nicotine antagonistic solution formulated by Pfizer to help marijuana smokers quit the habit. According to studies, Chantix or Champix is more effective compared to other NRTs (nicotine replacement therapy) like nicotine gums and patches. This pill simply acts on the parts of your brain that are affected by nicotine. Hence, it helps with marijuana withdrawal symptoms and craving.

How Effective Is It To Use Champix?

Perhaps, you are asking yourself will Varenicline (Chantix or Champix) help me quit smoking marijuana. Well if that’s so, you’re guaranteed to get results after taking this medication. By blocking THC from cannabis, you will gradually have less cravings for a high that you usually get from your bong. This drug also lowers the satisfaction from smoking, so it effectively improves your chances to finally quit.

Varenicline doesn’t have nicotine and won’t help you stop smoking just like how NRT works. One week before you stop smoking, you can take this pill from 12-24 weeks. However, this is not an OTC medicine that you can buy from any drugstore whenever you want. You need a doctor’s prescription before you can avail this drug. In addition, it is not tested for people under 18 years old, so it is not safe for children to take this medicine to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Easily

Will Varenicline (Chantix or Champix) help me quit smoking marijuana? Is this the same question that haunts you over and over again? Then it’s important to understand that Chantix can double or triple your chances of halting your smoking habit due to the formulation it has. This prescription tablet is taken orally. To get better results, you can opt for the GetQuit Plan so you’ll get follow-ups and consistent support in avoiding marijuana use.


One main advantage of Varenicline is you reduce costs in your aim to quit smoking. In fact, health experts now recommend this drug to ensure that smokers will not go back to such habit after taking the pill and undergoing series of counseling. After all, you don’t need to smoke just to get that happy “buzz” from dopamine or nicotine.

If you are really committed to quit smoking, you will do anything to achieve your goal. Chantix is here to help you cope with smoking habit and finally be independent of marijuana. Isn’t that a great ending for your battle against marijuana abuse?