Will quit smoking cannabis cause a lump in the throat or black phlegm mucus when coughing?

Those who’ve decided to quit smoking weed should possess a firm
determination because withdrawal symptoms are difficult to tolerate.
Withdrawal symptoms come in various forms, although they’re often
associated with odd, unpleasant sensations. These will manifest as your
body tries to regain its normal functioning while your mind tries to pull you
back into smoking.

Individuals who’ve chosen to quit marijuana smoking often complain
about a lump at the back of their throat that they usually feel when
swallowing. Some also experience coughing out black phlegm. If you’re
experiencing such things, don’t panic.

Why do most users feel a lump in their throat?

The feeling of having a lump in the throat is common among those quitting
the habit. When smoking, the smoke you puff in travels into the lungs via
the throat, directly exposing it to carcinogenic substances in marijuana.
These substances damage your throat tissues, leading its walls to become
swollen and develop scars.

Now when your throat tissues are scarred, it creates a sensation of having a
bulge. So, it shouldn’t be surprising at all that in most cases, an actual lump
or mass won’t be found upon examining the throat area.

Do you cough out black phlegm a few days after quitting?

Having black phlegm is somewhat common among those who’ve been using
weed. The black discoloration on the mucus is caused by tar which is present
in marijuana joints.

Smoking damages the cilia which acts as the respiratory system’s first line of
defense. Because of the damage, marijuana smoke along with other
carcinogenic substances freely enter the airways and lungs causing
inflammation. To prevent further damage, the lungs produce excessive
amounts of mucus to expel the remaining foreign matter. The inflammation
and irritation in the area triggers coughing, which in turn leads to the
release of tar-covered phlegm.

Are you anxious about coughing out black phlegm even after you’ve quit
marijuana smoking? Though the mucous discoloration is itself unusual, the
good thing is, coughing out phlegm is actually a sign of improving health.
After quitting, your body will immediately start to heal from the damages
brought upon by marijuana use. The lungs will continuous to develop mucus
not merely to lubricate its walls but to eliminate the remaining toxins.

What can be done to hasten one’s recovery?

While your body can definitely heal itself, you should give it a boost to
hasten the process. Don’t worry though, since you won’t have to do anything
difficult – it’s mainly about improving your nutrition and staying hydrated.
Be sure to eat food items that rich in vitamin C. This vitamin will benefit you
in many ways, such as by boosting your immune system (thus keeping away
infections) and eliminating free radicals.

Of course, you shouldn’t just focus on vitamin C. You need to maintain a
healthy, varied diet to maximize your micronutrient intake. You also have to
keep yourself hydrated. Keep in mind that water helps in flushing out toxins
from your body and will soften the tarry mucous for easier expulsion.