Review of Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide by Seb Grant – Does The Ebook PDF Work? Is The Download Worth It?

Seb Grant’s Quit Marijuana is touted as a complete guidebook for those who’ve finally decided to change for the better. It supposedly features all the necessary details in following a natural detox, which can be done at home – according to the author at least. The package also comes with audiobooks and a video program. While the program does seem impressive, it would not be wise to immediately spend your money on it. Read this review first to find out whether it can really bring you the change you’ve been yearning for.

What is it really about? What does it focus on?

In the book, Seb Grant explains that withdrawal symptoms are all in the mind. Your brain keeps on pulling you back since it has adapted to the habit and misses the sensation that marijuana brings. The guide provides strategies on how to defuse addiction, eliminate cravings, and regain a normal sleep pattern.

It also offers effective solutions in one’s attempt to tolerate withdrawal symptoms. It provides clear guidelines on what should and should not be done while in the process of quitting. Quit Marijuana also introduces the benefits of detoxification during the course of quitting. Of course, for the sake of truly being complete, it also comes with an easy-to-follow lung cleansing guide – and yes, it can be done at home.

Furthermore, the author knows that anxiety and depression are among the most serious concerns faced by those who’ve chosen to quit smoking weed. That’s why he set up a 24/7 personal email support through which you can communicate with individuals who’ve faced the same challenges. Having had the same issues, they can fully empathize with your situation. Talking to them will ease the burden of quitting. Also, it’s a chance to get answers your questions, and in the process lower your risk of depersonalization.

Are the audio and video programs worth your while?

It’s clear that Seb Grant considers listening and watching to be much easier than reading. Well, it’s fairly common for people to be more interested in the former anyway, so he’s definitely not wrong in that aspect.

This belief led him to compile quitting strategies into several audiobooks and a video program. What’s rather impressive though, is the focus on handling withdrawal symptoms – after all, many of these can’t be avoided, and there’s no other option but to learn to tolerate them without giving in. The audiobook also provides factual information regarding the effects of marijuana and the life that’s waiting for you outside marijuana dependency.

Are there downsides to this remarkable resource?

It does, but it’s something common to all guides and strategies – Quit Marijuana, much like other similar products on the market, won’t really eliminate the journey’s difficulty. Your chances of beating the destructive habit still depends on your grit, and there’s no guaranteed that you’ll succeed in your first attempt. Nonetheless, you’ll be given everything you need to succeed – both in knowledge and reason.

So, what the verdict? Should you buy it?

Seb Grant’s Quit Marijuana aims to make you quit not by force but by choice. With that, the question of whether you should invest in it isn’t really about the product’s quality and completeness. No, it isn’t about price either. Only spend your money once you know that you’re finally ready to take on that difficult yet necessary journey.

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