I Quit Smoking Weed Now I Have Mood Swings, Feel Very Tired and I Am Not Hungry (No Appetite)

When you take drugs or smoke weed and finally decided to quit, there are withdrawal symptoms that you will surely encounter. Some of these symptoms include insomnia, nausea, and sweating. As for me, after I quit smoking weed, now I have mood swings, feel very tired, and I am not hungry (no appetite). It’s not […]

Celebrities and actors who quit smoking weed

Marijuana addiction is a problem that crosses borders – literally and figuratively. Celebrities are not immune from this problem. A lot of A-listers have struggled with it in the past. The following is a list of celebrities and actors who quit smoking weed – This list will give you more energy to stop marijuana. 1. […]

How to know if you should quit smoking weed? When is it a good time stop marijuana?

Are you addicted? Paranoia, short term memory, panic, hallucination, psychosis, poor coordination – if you suffer from these while smoking weed, chances are you could be well on your way to addiction and should quit smoking weed. The most evident sign of addiction to weed is tolerance. At your first puff, you will feel the […]

Will quitting cannabis cause insomnia, cold sweats, constipation, eczema and epilepsy seizures?

Definitely. Quitting cannabis can cause a wide array of withdrawal symptoms. The difficulty of being able to sleep is mostly caused by the emotional and psychological spurs a quitter experiences. This is the most common part of drug withdrawal, composing 51% of the subjects as sufferers from a NIDA survey performed in Baltimore. Anxiety and […]

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