Author: Michael Kennedy

Will quit smoking weed affect my vision or memory and cause paranoia, diarrhea, and rash?

Weed has always been associated with negative effects – and that’s why many end up deciding to quit. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’ll immediately be able to live worry-free. Yes, quitting means experiencing withdrawal symptoms and other health-related problems. If you’re particularly worried about your vision and memory, as well as the possibility of developing […]

Will quit smoking weed lead to euphemisms, depersonalization, hair growth, or hair loss?

Smokers often have their own little nickname for marijuana. For non-users, it may sound weird but for them, it’s a not-so-secret code that makes it easier to identify those who are just like them. Now, quitting marijuana has no direct relation to euphemisms because smokers come up with their own special words during their dependency […]

Will quit smoking cannabis cause a lump in the throat or black phlegm mucus when coughing?

Those who’ve decided to quit smoking weed should possess a firm determination because withdrawal symptoms are difficult to tolerate. Withdrawal symptoms come in various forms, although they’re often associated with odd, unpleasant sensations. These will manifest as your body tries to regain its normal functioning while your mind tries to pull you back into smoking. […]

Does Quitting Smoking Weed Cause Libido Issues such as Premature Ejaculation?

Marijuana, sometimes called weed, pot, and cannabis, is a mind-altering drug containing 400 chemicals that are responsible for making a person feel a distinct “high”. It is made out of the stems, seed, and flowers of the hemp plant found in India. Despite it having shown benefits in the field of medicine by providing relief […]

What Are The Best Products, Equipment, Apps, and Aids Which Can Help Me Quit Smoking Weed Without Struggling?

If you want to quit smoking marijuana without struggling, there are available resources you can choose from. Due to more people getting involved in illegal drugs, solutions are also being developed to help them cope with the problem. The challenge is knowing what are the best products, equipment, apps, and aids which can help me […]

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