About Me: The Incredible Story Of How I Quit Smoking Weed Naturally & My Shocking Results!

Hi, my name is Michael Kennedy I’m 29 years old and I am an ex weed smoker and alcohol addict. Throughout my adolescence and adulthood I’ve heard many people saying erroneous things about cannabis. So I would like to take a little bit of time to share my story with the addiction and my personal experience on how I managed to overcome my desires to smoke marijuana and quit for good.

As a teenager I was very influenced by what I see, hear, touch and of course my peers. I’ve always wanted to fit in. So while hanging with the wrong crowd after school I started developing many bad addictions such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and weed on a regular basis. My mother and father were always at work so nobody was there to let me know what I was doing was wrong.

The Internet was not what it is today with the wealth of information available at your fingertips. Adding fire to the fuel was the fact that almost all my Hollywood role models were smoking something whether it is cigarettes or weed. James Bond would always light up his cigarette in front of a sexy lady and my number one role models Jay and Silent Bob made it cool to smoke weed on screen! And who could forget Ice Cube and Chris Tucker from the movie Friday as well as Redman and Method Man from the movie How High!

So after I graduated high school with mediocre grades I had to balance college and my part time job at a grocery store stocking shelves. At work, during my breaks and while going in the back to reload on more items to put on the shelves I would always take an extra 5 minutes to smoke weed. The managers were never on my back because they were always very busy with customers and also there was a shortage of workers at that particular location. I smoke weed at work because I thought it would make time go faster. Before you know it I became very addicted and things were about to turn ugly.

As life kept on going my friends who I grew up with moved out to other cities and depression started to set in. I eventually dropped out of college and uneducated that I was I thought that cannabis was the way out of my depression and that it would make me happy all the time. The reality was I was trading short term happiness for long term misery! I managed to keep my job at the grocery store for well over 5 years because I wanted to be able to pay for my addiction. But sadly I overdosed one night after work and had to be sent to the Emergency Room. That night my entire life flashed before my eyes! It was my wake-up call!

From that day forward I was determined to change my future. Luckily for me the internet had evolve greatly and had a wealth of information which I urgently needed to change my habits. So while browsing an addiction forum I stumble upon a post about this anonymous guy who was bragging hard on how he changed his ways and the program that he fallowed which helped him stop smoking weed for over 3 years and cured his addiction. The program was called “Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide”. Desperate that I was I decided to give a try and you know what? The Lord Is Beautiful! My desperation payed off big! After fallowing the program step by step I managed to overcome my withdrawal symptoms and quit smoking cannabis for good. I end up returning to college and got my computer degree which is how I managed to create this site to help others find my recommendation.

So if my story sound even a little bit remotely similar to yours I would strongly advise you to give this program a shot. I can almost guarantee that it will do wonders for you. If not no worries, it come with a 60 day money back guarantee. So I would like you not to waste your money, time, energy and effort elsewhere and click the image below to download “Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide” from its official site and give yourself a second chance to a great life free from weed addiction. Good Luck!

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Michael Kennedy